Leads are Seeds

Leads are seeds

Shane McIntyre
Founder and Director of Growth Marketing

Everyone blames either the market or the leads. Keeping it real!

But rarely is it the leads.

And down markets sometimes present the best opportunities.

Too many people confuse leads, prospects, and sales.

A lead is just that, a lead.

I don’t care if you do bank rate, free rate, lending tree, Zillow, realtors, divorce attorneys, google, Facebook, mailers, rate tree, or bill bob rate.

A lead is a seed.

It needs to be planted, nurtured, sowed, and watered.

Sure you get the Unicorns.

Particularly in real estate and mortgage…

Someone that wants to list their house this month or someone looking to purchase next month.

But most won’t be today’s buyers or sellers.

They will be future prospects and potential clients.

It could be a prospect and eventually a client in 3 months or six months.

It could be next year.

Seriously not many people wake up and say “Hey guys let’s move the house, the kids and the dog find new schools, and in 30 days.”

Most people are going to be 3-6 months out.

And he who nurtures the most wins.

Everyone got used to easy money in mortgages and real estate during COVID.

Real estate agents could go to star bucks and if you had a listing you could have an offer before you got your coffee.

Now comes the actual real work.

As the market changes, regardless of your lead source, you have to nurture your leads and plant those seeds.

If you do that consistently day after day week after week you will start to see the fruits of your labor.

You reap what you sow.

Or go back to blaming the market and leads, and see you in 10 years on the next boom!

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