Top 10 PPC Optimization Tools for Google Ads 2023

Top 10 PPC Optimization Tools: Explore various options to find the best PPC optimization tools that suit your needs. This blog post highlights top tools, their features, and pricing for Google-centric tools. .

What is Pay-per-click

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PPC is a form of online advertising where advertisers pay for each click on their ads. It allows you to buy visits to your site instead of earning them organically. This article focuses on PPC optimization tools for google to make managing campaigns easier.

PPC targets specific keywords and phrases relevant to a product or service. Note that a phrase of multiple words is still called a keyword in PPC. Keyword pricing is based on an auction system where you bid on keywords and compete with other advertisers. The more you bid, the higher position you will take for that keyword but it will cost more. When a user searches for a keyword or phrase, the auction is triggered and the winning advertiser’s ad is displayed in the search results. The advertiser is charged the bid amount and a small fee for each user click.

PPC is a powerful method for bringing targeted traffic to your website. It enables you to reach users who are actively looking for the products or services you offer. By carefully selecting keywords and creating persuasive ad copy, you can successfully target your audience and increase conversions.

PPC Optimization Tools

Choosing the appropriate software tool for your PPC campaigns can be challenging with so many options on the market. However, investing in a high-quality tool can greatly enhance the efficiency and success of your campaigns. These tools can simplify tasks, provide useful information and data to aid in campaign planning. When researching and comparing PPC optimization tools, it’s important to consider your specific needs and goals. Some tools may be better suited for small businesses with limited budgets while others may be more appropriate for larger enterprises with more complex campaigns.

For Note

PPC optimization tools may lag behind the latest tools used by Google, as technology is constantly advancing. While these tools can simplify the process of managing Google ads, it’s important to stay aware of new features and adjust your strategy accordingly. It’s recommended to use a tool while also monitoring new functionality in Google. As you gain more experience, you will be able to determine what works best for you. Familiarizing yourself with the Google Ad Manager can also assist in selecting the right tool as you will have a better understanding of how Google ads function.


Madgicx offers several features such as AB Testing, API, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, CRM, Campaign Analytics, and Campaign Management, and Campaign Segmentation.

In terms of pros, we found that the audience creation and setting them up was easy. The creative insights were enlightening. The Creative studio showed us which ad creatives and copy performed the best, which helps guide creative thinking for future ad campaigns. The automation rule functions and audience creation were good. They also had good customer support. The software is easy to use, you need to get into the videos first to understand how it works but overall, it’s quite easy to set up and to select the audience which best fit your needs. Madgicx allows you to quickly integrate new creative with tons of audiences very quickly.

However, we also encountered some cons such as set-up can be a bit confusing. It’s a bit hard to understand at first. But if you watch the videos it helps. Also, the basic workings of the automation tactics makes it seem relatively easy to use, but once you try to set it up it can be a bit confusing and tricky.

Price: (Based how much your monthly ad spend)
Start from: $55/mo

Some instructional videos and reviews for Madgicx on YouTube that might be helpful


MarinOne is a pay-per-click (PPC) ad management tool for Google that offers several features such as AB Testing, API, Access Controls/Permissions, Account Alerts, Activity Tracking, Advertising Management, Alerts/Notifications, and Bid Management.

In terms of pros, we found that the best thing about MarinOne is that they are always looking to improve their algorithm and tools. The support team is great as well. We liked the bulk functions and ease of setting up dashboards for reporting. The bidding algorithm was the best one we have used. We also liked how easy it was to set up A/B tests for keywords and ad copy, which was beneficial for optimizing a paid search account. The budget projection feature is good.

However, we also encountered some cons such as the interface could have been easier to navigate and getting reports into Google Sheets was more difficult than other platforms. We also did not like how you could not see today’s data/performance and had to wait until the next day. Sometimes, the graphs didn’t correspond to the chosen filters, which was very irritating. We were unable to create rules for soft KPI campaigns such as click-through rate, cost-per-click and others.

There is the pricing for it starting from:
$2000.00 /month
Yes, has free trial
No free version

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Adyouneed is a newer option in the PPC optimization tools market. We found the setup and integration with platforms like Facebook and Google to be easy, allowing us to create ads quickly. The A.I. Audience Finder and integration with Crello and Canva were standout features, making it simple to create high-converting ads. We also appreciated the access to detailed and easy-to-understand analytics on AdYouNeed.

However, we did have some issues with navigation and found the platform to be a bit lagged in showing accurate statistics of the ad. Additionally, reading the performance graphs wasn’t always easy. Despite these drawbacks, we believe Adyouneed has great potential. Over the past year, we’ve seen the company actively develop and add new features to the software. We hope they continue to do so and will keep them on our radar.


Starter $50/mo
Ultimate: $100/mo

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Bluewinston good ad management tool for Google that is for products, so it you are selling a product, to a catalog of products online, this is a great one for you. It offers several features such as an API, Campaign Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Data Import/Export, as well as the full fun of standard tools.

In terms of pros, we found that it was useful for a large product portfolio when setting up product and dynamic Adwords campaigns. The interface is user-friendly and support is quick and competent. The tool helps with managing PPC and product ads, and the UX is great. We also appreciated the ease of creating price-driven ads. Overall, it was a time-saver, which is the whole point,  and made managing PPC campaigns a lot easier.

However, we also encountered some cons such as it was not compatible with Wix, and didn’t have a connection for Facebook Ads. Also we found that the interface could be a little confusing when first opening it and exploring it. But overall, we would recommend Bluewinston as a good PPC ad management tool.

Subscription fee is based on number of products within your XML feed(s) which are used in campaign creation process.

Basic pan:
$42.21- The monthly fee is set for the amount of products that are used for ads creation.

Pro plan: 
$63.88 – The monthly fee is set for the amount of products that are used for ads creation.

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Opteo ad management tool for Google offers several features such as AB Testing, Bid Management, Budget Control, Budget Management, Campaign Management, and Conversion Tracking.

In terms of pros, we found that it was one of the best Adwords software and has excellent customer service. It was easy to integrate into daily routines and actually improved our daily routine significantly. The platform is straightforward and helps with prioritizing tasks when it can seem overwhelming. When used in conjunction with the Google Ads platform we o                               ften found the optimization suggestions more helpful and more honest. It gets points for ease of use, constant in-app improvement, and substantiated recommendations.

However, we also encountered some cons such as every once in a while we get an error where changes could not be pushed to Google ads. The interface can take some getting used to and will stutter and hang from time to time. They also do not currently support PLA campaign adjustments besides discovering negative keywords.


Start form $99/mo for basic (25 accounts) to $799/mo for Enterprise plan (unlimited accounts)

Some instructional videos and reviews for Opteo on YouTube that might be helpful


Adzooma is a pay-per-click (PPC) ad management tool for Google that offers several features such as API, Account Alerts, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, and Billing & Invoicing.

In terms of pros, we found the best one is that you can start with a free account to test it. The software is good for making sure all your campaigns follow best practices and provides useful suggestions for getting more out of your ad budget. Considering the basic software is free, it provides an incredible wealth of information suited for beginner to even advanced PPCers. The company’s customer support is top notch. The simple nature of the platform and the effective results in a short space of time, the tool concept is great and the UI is really easy to use.

However, we also encountered some cons such as navigating between accounts is a bit annoying. Also, there are no proper in-depth tutorials on Adzooma’s Youtube Channel.

Free Plan: Adzooma Essentials allows you to easily set up, track and manage your online advertising campaigns with more features than you’d expect from a free plan.

$99/mo or $699 Per Year

Some instructional videos and reviews for Adzooma on YouTube that might be helpful


Adroll is one of the older ad management tools for Google that offers several features such as AB Testing, API, Audience Targeting, Behavior Analytics, Behavioral Targeting.

In terms of pros, we found that the user interface to be intuitive. If you have never used a display ad platform before you should pick it up quickly. We liked how you can use Built with to compile a targeted list, and then use their somewhat smart email system for cold outreach. AdRoll has a very nice looking interface that is pretty easy to deal with. Overall it was a great start to get ABM moving into our marketing team. It is very easy to set up and start a retargeting campaign. It integrates easily with Shopify.

However, we also encountered some cons such as strange bugs that were very frustrating to deal with. Also, customer support takes a long time to reply, which can be negative if you are running time-sensitive campaigns.

Price: Calculate your pricing, based on your current web traffic.

Start from:
$36/mo (Pay annually) – includes: $20/mo + $50/yr in ad credits
$40/mo (Pay monthly) – includes: $20/mo

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Acquisio offers several features such as AB Testing, Account Alerts, Activity Tracking, Ad hoc Reporting and Audience Targeting.

In terms of pros, we found that it is an awesome company focused on customer service. It is of great value and gives great insight into campaigns on a month-to-month/year-to-year basis. It’s really easy to set up and integrate with AdWords. It also has great ability to manage campaigns and optimize.

However, we also encountered some cons such as difficulty to find some features we’re used to in the Adwords interface. The sales people we dealt with were a bit pushy and they auto-renew without sending you an email reminder first, which always bothers us.


Starter: $199/month
Standard: $899/month
Professional: $1899/month


Optymzr has features such as AB testing, API, and account alerts allow for easy optimization and tracking of your campaigns. The automated scheduling and alerts/notifications make it easy for our team to stay on top of our campaigns at all times.

One of the standout features for us is the customer service. They are always willing to help and provide guidance to ensure we are getting the best results for our specific needs. The integration of easy scripts and the support from industry experts is also a huge plus. The weekly email highlighting top and bottom performers and the relative metrics is a great way to stay on top of campaigns and make adjustments as needed.

The only downside we have found is that the basic package is no longer available. However, the custom capabilities offered in the software more than make up for this. Additionally, it does take some time and effort to learn and use the software but the consistent upgrades make it worth the investment.


The complete PPC toolkit starting at $208 a month

Some instructional videos and reviews for Optymzr on YouTube that might be helpful

Google Ads Management Tool

And then we have the main one, that started it all. Google’s ad management tool One of the original PPC Optimization Tools. The tool’s targeting options allows you to reach specific demographics, interests, and behaviors which helps to improve the performance of campaigns. The detailed analytics and metrics also makes it easy to track the performance of campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Additionally, the integration with other Google products such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager is a huge plus. The automated bidding options like Target CPA and Target ROAS also improves the performance of our campaigns.

Some downsides to using Google’s ad management tool. The cost can be high if not properly managed, which can be a challenge for small businesses or those with limited advertising budgets. The tool can also be difficult to navigate and understand for those without a background in digital marketing. Additionally, the tool is constantly changing which can be confusing.


With Google Ads, you’re in charge of your online advertising costs. Never pay more than your monthly budget cap, and you can stop any time.

Some instructional videos and reviews for Google Ads on YouTube that might be helpful

In summary, PPC Optimization Tools can improve the performance and efficiency of your ad campaigns. Each tool offers unique features, so consider your needs and goals when selecting one. Keep in mind factors such as cost, features, and customer support when making your decision. Choosing the right PPC tool can lead to successful campaigns and positive results for your business. We’ve provided helpful links, reviews and YouTube tutorials to assist in your selection. We will continue to review more tools as they become available, but we hope this guide helps you get started.

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